I would like to tell you about my experience with your driver, Nick.  He was “my angel” last week!

On Tuesday evening, October 21st, I left work about 4:15 to run to the bank before it closed.  My route was Dell Avenue -> Sunny Oaks -> Camden -> 17 North.  As I got onto Camden from Sunnyoaks my car died…just completely died.  I tried to start it and it just made a clicking noise.  Here I was in the middle of rush hour in this very busy area and it would not do anything.  I had just enough momentum to pull into the triangle before the island where the 17 South ramp goes to the right and the 17 North ramp stays straight through the intersection and then goes right.

As I got my bearings and watched my rear-view mirror as people came charging over the hill down Camden towards my car, I realized that my flashers were not working so they couldn’t tell I was stopped.  It was very frightening.

I called AAA and got someone who couldn’t figure out where I was.  She spent 25 minutes trying to figure out which towing shop was closest…even though I explained where I was.  I finally told her that I had seen Dick’s Towing Trucks in the area of my office and thought they might be on Camden, which would be just around the corner from me. She put me on hold and called you guys.  When she came back on the line, she said you knew right where I was and would be to my location very shortly.  I thanked her and waited.

Before long I saw a truck coming, but it passed right by me and went onto 17 South.  I decided it was for another caller and waited.  After a time, another truck passed me going the same way.  At that point, I called your shop and the gal said that they hadn’t been able to find me.  I told her where I was and she said that the AAA girl had told her I was on 17 South at the Camden off-ramp, instead of on Camden at the 17 South on-ramp!  She apologized and said she would send someone right away.

By this time it had been almost an hour and I had followed directions not to open the car door and to stay buckled up.  It was getting very hot in the car and I was having trouble breathing because I couldn’t roll the electric windows down…and probably nerves, as I watched people barreling down the road and switch lanes at the last minute…one coming very close to hitting me.  I was trying to stay calm and not doing really well at it…when I saw another truck coming behind me…and his lights were on and he pulled in front of me!

Nick got out of the truck and came over to the passenger door.  He opened it, introduced himself, and said “let’s get you out of this hot car and into a safer place”.  He explained that as soon as the drivers’ side signal changed he would come around and escort me to the truck.  He did just that.  He was so calm and so sweet and patient.  He got me into the truck and explained exactly what he was going to do and that we would be on our way before I knew it.

As he loaded my car onto his truck and got things all set, I could feel myself relaxing and beginning to breathe more easily.  He got done and got into the truck.  He asked where I wanted to go…and he knew right where the shop was.  We got into traffic and he chatted and made me feel so much better.  When we arrived at Campbell Ford Service, he got out and unloaded the car.  I called my husband and asked him to come get me.  When Nick got done and we finished the paperwork, he stayed with me until my husband got there.  He told me what he thought might be wrong with my car so I had some knowledge for when the guys called me…and he was right!

When my husband got there, I thanked Nick and said goodbye…but I needed to do something more.  I don’t know if Nick could tell how really scared I was or not, but he was such a calming presence…I found myself feeling so thankful that the other two drivers passed me by.  They may have been just as nice, I don’t know, but I feel like God made sure I got Nick because he had the temperment and personality that I really needed right then.

I don’t know anything – but what I read on your website – about you guys or your business, but, if Nick is a typical example of your drivers, I have to believe that you have a very good screening process!  Thank you for that…and a special, special THANK YOU to Nick…he was a God-send!

– T Heberling, San Jose