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We will be launching our new online training course for beginners & new hires on MONDAY, April 17th! Available to all CTTA and UCMCS Members.


Online Tow Operator Training


Introducing a brand-new online course for new hires & beginners! Available NOW to all CTTA and UCMCS Members:

This course is produced by the California Tow Truck Association and the United Coalition for Motor Club Safety, and is powered by OmadiTruck Body Sales and Mobile Road Service Solutions.

trainingbuttonDrivers will learn the basics of towing in the following areas:


The Intro To Towing course consists of 5 videos, covering the above topics, and corresponding quizzes at the end of each section. Students must pass each quiz to move on to the next section. When finished, they will receive a certificate of completion, and a study guide; you’re able to track their progress along the way!

Intro To Towing was created by industry professionals and instructors with 120 years of combined towing experience, and fills the gap for owners between hiring and sending drivers to hands-on training. Drivers that take this course will show up to training with an existing understanding of the basics, giving them more confidence that he or she will be able to thrive in their job. To anyone who’s ever asked: “How do I hire and retain the best drivers for my company?”, this is your solution!

Available for purcahase now to all CTTA & UCMCS Members. Bulk discounts are available: buy one seat for $60, get 3 seats for $150, or 10 seats for $400. For help, visit the FAQ section below.


Intro to Towing FAQs

Q: Who do I contact for support?
A: If you need help with purchasing or managing your account, download our USER GUIDE, email us, or call 916-617-2882.


Q: Do I have to be a CTTA or UCMCS Member to purchase? 
A: Yes. The greater our respective Membership numbers, the louder the voice of the towing industry becomes! Learn more about becoming a Member today:    


Q: Do you offer bulk discounts for class seats?
A: Yes! The pricing for this course is: x1/$60, x3/$150, X10/$400. The price is automatically reflected in your cart.


Q: Will my drivers receive a certificate once they complete the course?
A: They will! Each section (video, quiz) must be completed in order. Once complete, the employee will have access to their certificate and a study guide.


Q: How long are my registration codes active for?
A: Your registration keys will expire 12 months from your initial purchase date.


Q: Am I able to track my drivers’ progress?
A: Yes. Under “My Account” you will see a user completion report.


Q: Does completing this course give any certification with local law enforcement?
A: No. This class is meant to fill the gap between hiring a driver and sending them to hands-on training, giving them the confidence to succeed. Drivers will require hands-on training to be fully knowledgeable in their work.  to learm more about CTTA Training & Education.

Thank you to the following companies for their support of this course: